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Raise Your Voice

Ask anyone that knows me – I am a loud mouth.  I talk, a lot.  I talk to think, I talk to share, I talk to communicate, and I always talk in class (both when I should and when I shouldn’t).  I love class discussions and am always a frequent contributor.  Often I know I can dominate conversation and I frequently have to tell myself to shut up and listen.

As this is so engrained in my nature, I have struggled with ways to reach students that aren’t so ready to participate.  In my recent student teaching experience I ran a Socratic seminar on the Road Less Taken by Robert Frost.  There were a few students that participate very little or not at all.  Following the seminar I spoke with them in a small group and found they had very insightful comments.  I found myself racking my brain to find a way to help these students find a way to share their thoughts.

Solution found!  After reading the article Giving Reluctant Students a Voice I have discovered this adventure into blogging might not just be for me, but for my students too!  It is like a light bulb went off.  I am such a supporter of varying instructional techniques to reach the different kind of learners, why can’t I vary the techniques those learners use to contribute?  For students that are more reluctant for whatever reason to participate in an oral class discussion, a blog is a wonderful alternative.  Although I don’t support the removal of discussion, I do feel that varying response styles to include blogging can help every student find their voice.

Find their voice.  Yes.  I only hope I can help all my students do just that.

Say it, blog it, or sing it…Raise your voice!!


In today’s world, no matter your field of work, one of the frequent interview questions is: “How comfortable are you with technology.”  I have always felt that I am very comfortable with technology.  I am on a computer all the time, but I am coming to realize, what I feel is “comfortable with technology” just scratches the surface…

While student teaching this spring in a 5th grade advanced academics classroom that was participating in a one-to-one computer initiative I had to opportunity to attend a professional development seminar.  Unsure which session would be the most helpful, I followed the lead of my cooperating teacher.  She had a college that had recently experimented with some flipped lessons, so she selected a session on flipped instruction.  Attending this session opened my eyes to a new way of teaching and a world of technology that I haven’t begun to use before.   This experience intrigued me so much that it led me to explore the blog Flipped Learning | Turning Learning on Its Head!

Written by Jon Bergmann, one of the pioneers of the flipped classroom movement, this blog provides testimonials, guidance and resources to teachers considering the use of flipped instruction.  I found this blog not only inspirational, but very informative.  Jon provides links to the researching showing the effectiveness of this new teaching style, links to other teaching blogs written by teachers currently flipping their lessons, and links to tutorials that can help guide you to create your lesson videos.

Although I am still quite daunted by the details of creating digital lessons of my own, I do believe this is the movement of education and something I need to learn more about and begin using.  I now know where to go to get the information I need.

Stay tuned – maybe I’ll post my first flipped lesson when I figure out how to make it all work.  Hopefully I won’t end up flip turned upside down!!! ahhhh!

Wish me luck…I’m gonna need it…

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Thank you for joining my journey to figure out how this blogging thing works!


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